Magnitsky Awards
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Oslo Freedom Forum

Global Conference

Award Winner 2015

Outstanding Human Rights Activism

The Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) is a series of global conferences run by the New York-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation. OFF was founded in 2009 as a one-time event but has taken place annually ever since. The main OFF conference is held annually in central Oslo, Norway. Satellite events have also be held in San Francisco, New York and on campuses in the United States. OFF talks are live-streamed and consist of lectures and panel discussions taking place in front of a live audience.

The Human Rights Foundation is a nonpartisan, non-profit organisation that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. HRF unites peoples in the common cause of defending human rights and promoting liberal democracy.

One of the key objectives of the conference is to bring together notable people, including former heads of state, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, prisoners of conscience, as well as other public figures in order to network and exchange ideas about human rights and exposing dictatorships.

The Economist described the 2010 forum as “A spectacular human-rights festival…on its way to becoming a human rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum”. Furthermore, The Daily Beast described the forum as a conference of “do-gooders conspiring to stir up trouble”, while The Guardian called it “a Dovos for Revolutionaries”.